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Managing daily life better.

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Building automation at the serviceof operators and users.

ACCS is proud to be an authorized integrator for Distech Controls since 2004 in Quebec. Distech Controls continuously invests in research and development and designs cutting-edge building automation solutions. We have deployed Distech Controls products in the course of thousands of projects.
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Automation: the cornerstone of operational and energy excellence

We implement automation solutions that ensure the efficiency of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) and that streamline the daily management of operations. The technologies control the temperature, the humidity, the pressure and the air quality conditions that are essential to the comfort of the occupants.

The centralized energy management system allows you to track the buildings’ vital signs at a glance, at all times and in real time. No matter the span of the project, ACCS gives you the tools to increase the lifetime of your equipment and reduce your operating costs and your energy consumption.

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Applications that change everything

In a world more connected than ever, new applications emerge in order to simplify the management of buildings and improve the services offered to users. It is now possible for building owners and managers to give the building occupants the possibility to adjust the comfort parameters and control their space as they wish via the myPERSONIFY mobile app.

Stand out from the crowd by offering connectivity.
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How to carry out an automation project?

Our team possesses all the expertise necessary to carry out traditional or design-build automation projects, while taking into account your budget, your timeline and your goals. We offer different scenarios to help you choose the solution that best suits your needs. ACCS will always suggest an infrastructure that is both robust and evolving.

We always take the time to consult our customers on their perspective regarding the evolution of the building or the building complex. This holistic approach allows us to link our solutions to future development plans.

Modernize your obsolete control equipment and implement a new centralized system.

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Automation projects

All our automation projects include:

+ Requirements analysis

+ Engineering

+ Programming

+ Installation and start-up

+ Training of technical staff